Bye bye, forgetting passwords, hello Keyn

Keyn allows you to log into any website using your phone, making logging in safer and simpler


Passwords are the biggest security threat of the 21st century.

  • 35% of user-chosen passwords can be cracked using dictionary attacks (Preempt)
  • 65% of user-chosen passwords can be cracked using bruteforcing techniques (Preempt)
  • 5 billion accounts have been published so far on

Using Keyn is easier than texting with your mom.

Keyn connects to your browser using a simple plugin
Keyn receives a login request on your phone
Keyn verifies your identity using TouchID or FaceID
Keyn then safely logs you into your account

Want to know more about Keyn's security? Read more about it in Bas's blog post


Our mission is to make logging into websites easier, faster and more secure.


Bas has studied criminology and information security and has previously worked at the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office as a specialist on cybercrime. He mainly works on making Keyn as secure as possible. In his spare time, he likes to read and work in his jungle-like garden.

Frank has a background in computer science and has worked at various organizations developing software. He's keen on writing clean and secure code. After work, he likes to go bouldering and play video games.

Wouter is specialized in construction management and engineering and has experience implementing IT projects in various organizations. He makes sure that we are doing the things that we should be doing. When not working, he loves to cycle through the dunes and to hang out with friends.


Keyn will start with a public beta in 63 days.

  • Closed iOS alpha
  • Closed iOS beta
  • Public iOS beta
  • iOS release